About Securevian

Missi Sanni – Mrs. Sanni is the CEO of Securevian and former IT executive at IBM. Mrs. Sanni, who serves as CEO of Securevian and leads the business, utilizes the experience of 10 years cybersecurity professional and trusted advisor with experience building robust security programs. She has a deep understanding of how cyber risk management, security operations, and threat intelligence is applied across numerous industry sectors and organizations. Specialized in identifying and mitigating attack vectors, reducing exposure to cyber threat actors, as well as identifying countermeasures to reduce the likelihood and potential impact of an attack on an organization.
Roland Khao –  Mr. Khao is the SVP of Technology, Roland held many top positions at multiple organizations such as Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and Hilton . These positions provide Mr. Khao with a wide breadth of experience covering multiple industries such as Finance services and hospitality.

Securevian Mission 

Our mission is to provide our clients with the tools necessary for secure, efficient, and productive business operations. This means creating a variety of protected systems, including those that store and transfer sensitive or confidential data, meeting or exceeding regulation compliance standards, analyzing and interpreting data for practical use, and the development or upscaling of mobile and web apps for our clients.
As a group of industry-leading cybersecurity specialists, data analysts, and web developers, we’re able to:

Our Services

Company Infrastructure

We provide you with the building blocks to grow and succeed.

Data Science & Machine Learning

We give you a real-time all-encompassing view of your business.

Cyber Security Consulting

We help keep your business protected from the inside out.

Mobile Apps

We give you a real-time all-encompassing view of your business.

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