Cyber Security Consulting Services

Cybersecurity systems are designed specifically to protect data, files, programs, applications, and websites from intrusion and cyberattacks intended to disrupt function, cause damage, or steal information. Because sophistication of attacks and malicious software are always improving, the businesses, institutions and companies must ensure their ready for attacks .Our experts will identify and assess risks, establish protection solutions, and assist with regulatory compliance.

Adaptive Defense

As systems, technology, and IT frameworks develop and evolve, new oversights can be exploited by hostile actors, allowing them to launch subtle or large-scale cyber attacks that can wreak havoc on server data, software, and even hardware. Our expertise in cyber security and shared threat detection helps our clients stay protected from the constantly developing hazards that target businesses and corporations.

Prevention Through Preparation

It is of critical importance that businesses use cyber security systems that are not only up-to-date, but also prepared for new and novel threats. This means eliminating as many exploitation opportunities as possible. As a top-tier cyber security consultant, Securevian can provide your business with the solutions, tools, and knowledge to prevent threats to both superficial and critical systems.

Threat Protection

Whether you need to identify, assess, and eliminate risk factors and potential threats, create security frameworks, develop defensive strategies, or meet compliance standards, Securevian’s industry-leading experts and technicians can ensure your systems are fortified and protected from external forces and hostile actors.

Security Compliance

With so many new threats created every day, defense standards must constantly increase, and cybersecurity regulations must evolve along with them. This can often prove quite challenging, particularly for new businesses. Our security experts ensure complete regulation compliance with trusted frameworks like ISO, NIST, CIS, and PCI DSS.

Security and Reliability

The world is becoming increasingly more digitized by the day, which means electronic data is likewise growing more ubiquitous, more valuable, and therefore more targeted by malicious elements. That’s why it’s crucial to ensure that your company’s systems and sensitive information are protected against intrusions, data breaches, theft, damage, and corruption. Securevian can help.

Setup Protocol

The correct order of action is critical to a strong defense. Vulnerabilities should be identified before security systems are created and applied. Our experts can identify, secure, and fortify vulnerabilities and weaknesses, establish strong defenses, set up recovery systems, and implement threat countermeasures.

Data Loss Prevention

Data and digital records are integral to the core function of essentially every modern business, institution, and organization operating in the world today. The security of this information is, therefore, of utmost importance. A solid Data Loss Prevention system means that sensitive information remains protected, safeguarding both your business and your clients.

Analysis and Strategy

One of the most important services we provide to businesses and institutions is the identification of their critical assets and systems in order to offer the ideal solutions and provide the necessary safeguards and security.


Network Security
Information Security
Vulnerability Assessment
Application Security
Pen Testing
Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

Incident Response
Threat Intelligence
Threat hunting
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
SIEM tools (IBM Qradar, HP ArcSight,Splunk,)

SQL Injection
Risk Management Frameworks
Resolving Security Incidents
End point Detection & Response (EDR)
Vulnerability Scanning

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