Data Science & Big Data

Our data science experts will collaborate with your team to provide comprehensive consultation services. This involves establishing the best use cases for your company based on our analyses, and assisting with the implementation of complete, end-to-end data science solutions. Our data specialists are highly skilled in the visual representation of analyzed data, clear and understandable generation of  transactions that allow faster and educated decision making with an array of invaluable business insights  


Adaptive and Open Source

As AI is constantly improving and evolving, we feel it’s very important to avoid being restricted by proprietary platforms that will likely be outclassed by emerging technologies. For this reason, we use open source tools that are easy to support and maintain while not being reliant on any specific platform.

Data Interpretation

Our data scientists and engineers extract actionable intelligence from your company’s existing data and information using Azure, AWS, Hbase, Databricks, Google Cloud, Cassandra, etc. in order to create invaluable machine learning, AI, NLP, deep learning, and data modeling systems.

Predictive Analytics

We use analytics to observe patterns and predict outcomes, improving operational efficiency and risk identification as well as aiding in the development of high-performance strategies, and relevant, competitive products.

Data Policies

Securevian’s analysts and experts work with our clients to establish data policies and processes that help to clarify information in order to determine the strategies and solutions that align with company goals and objectives.

Innovative Strategies

Our data specialists will work closely with your company, considering its unique features and goals in order to develop streamlined yet comprehensive plans that will improve efficiency, augment performance, and increase scalability.


Google Cloud

Deep Learning
Machine Learning
Artificial Neural Networks

Large-Scale Statistical Methods
Data Modeling

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